Into the twentieth century

The question on p142

In Part Five, you’ll notice a distinct shift away from the Euro-centric focus of the course so far and, arguably, less emphasis on painting as a mode of artistic expression. In your learning log, write down some possible reasons for this; some will be obvious, others less so. Return to this question when you’ve read the relevant chapters in WHA.

In the 19th century the world was getting smaller, influences were from further afield than before, eg Japanese prints, Ancient Egypt, South sea ‘primitive’ cultures. I expect that continues, also there are two world wars, perhaps items brought back from those would influence artists. As to less emphasis on painting, well today ‘art’ can be anything so perhaps something happened to make it possible to not just be using bronze and stone and other hard to work materials to make it more accessable? Perhaps photography gained more momentum. I expect I’ll find out in the next few chapters.


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