Exercise: Research the Roman Occupation

Page 66 of the course notes gives a course task to research Roman remains or artefacts in my area. Since I spend most of my time at work (and my daughter takes up my time at weekends) I thought I’d research this in London, and what better place than Londinium?!

My first thought was to hot-foot it up to the Museum of London (just up the road from me) where I knew there to be some Roman artefacts, I wrote this visit up here. 

On the way I noticed lots more Roman ‘London Wall’ information so I took some photos. There’s apparently a whole illustrated walk that you can do. I saw part of it on this day and the rest of the walk on subsequent trips, which I’ve illustrated this in this post on the London Wall.

I wanted to see as many primary sources as possible so I also visited the remains of London’s Roman Amphitheatre in the basement of the Guildhall galleries. I wrote about this here.

One of the later tasks is to draw some classifcal figures and the ones in the Museum of London really didnt capture my imagination so I also visited the rather more substantial Greek & Roman collection in the British Museum, which I wrote about here.


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