Bibliography Reference builder

I realised I’d eventually need a bibliography with all the research and referenced links in it so I thought I’d start it now before the task got too mammoth.

You can find it here (or under the research menu above):

With all the different formats involved I thought I’d make myself a reference builder so I now have a spreadsheet which does this when typing in the various info that it needs.


It currently only makes Online Newspaper, Online Journal and webpage references (because that’s what I’ve got so far). If you’re interested to make your own, just layout the following columns in a spreadsheet (I’ve used google drive):

name Initial year title Extra Code link
accessed Ref/Reserch Type Note about code In the text code Bibliography code

The following code should then work for each type of ref so far:

Type Example Extra code In the text code Bibliography code
Exhibition Visit [Exhibition]. London: Saatchi Gallery. =“(“&A1&“, “&C1&“)” =A5&“. (“&C5&“) <em>”&D5&“</em> “&E5&” <br> &nbsp;”
Online Journal In: <em>Architects Journal</em> 05.10.15 [online] =“(“&A14&“, “&C14&“)” =A14&B14&“. (“&C14&“) ‘”&D14&“‘”&E14&” At: “&F14&“<br>”&G14&” <br> &nbsp;”
Online Newspaper In: <em>The Telegraph</em> [online] =“(“&A14&“, “&C14&“)” =A14&B14&“. (“&C14&“) ‘”&D14&“‘”&E14&” At: “&F14&“<br>”&G14&” <br> &nbsp;”
Webpage =“(“&A24&“, “&C24&“)” =A24&“. (“&C24&“) <em>”&D24&“</em> At: “&F24&“<br>”&G24&” <br> &nbsp;”

Once its filled in you can just sort by name & year to copy and paste the code into your bibliography html page.


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