Inside and outside influences: non-western art

Question from p40 of the course guide:

“Can you think of any other non-western influences on western art?  Try and come up with two or three examples and make some brief notes in your learning log. If you can, identify the route by which this influence came about.”

Constantinople had an impact on western art in Venice, for example some of the decoration on St Mark’s Basilica in St Mark’s square (the horses and such like) were plundered and brought to Venice.

St Mark’s Basilica

In the 1920s anything Ancient Egyptian was very fashionable in England (because of the discovery of king Tut’s tomb) which had an affect on art. I found some examples here on the V&A website:

I was going to say that Mayan culture would have had an impact on Spanish art but it seems from the link above that it also influenced Art Deco, as well as Aztec, African and Japanese arts.


References (retrospective list):

V&A. (2003) Art Deco: Global Inspiration At:
(Accessed on 24 December 15)


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