Inside and outside influences: art and popular culture

Question from p42 of the course guide:

“Do  you  think  there’s  still  a  clear  distinction  between  fine  art  and  popular culture today or is it more useful to think in terms of a spectrum of visual culture?

With millions of images available online, is there still a place for the traditional art gallery? Make some brief notes in your learning log.  You might want to revisit this question when you’ve made your gallery visit.”

Yes, there’s certainly a distinction between fine art and popular culture. Personally I think that these days modern fine art is very conceptual whereas popular culture tends towards the obvious.

Yes, there’s definitely a place for art galleries. Online images (or in fact images in books) will never replace the feeling of seeing the same work in person. Some artists play to this especially by having very large work whose scale cannot be comprehended outside of actually seeing the work. Some work has a presence about it that you don’t get outside of sitting in front of it. Rothko springs to mind and also some of the large photographs by Luc Delahaye I saw in a Prix picket exhibition for a study visit in a previous module. Also, sculpture and art installations must be seen in person to be appreciated properly.

References (retrospective list):
Prix Pictet. (2012) Power [Exhibition]. London: Saatchi Gallery.


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