Materials and processes

Question from p34 of the study guide.

“Are you aware of any current developments in materials and processes that might influence the art of the future? For example, how have developments in digital technology influenced artists in the recent past?”

I think the internet has had a massive impact both on disseminating new work and as a medium itself. I’ve already mentioned appropriation artist Mishka Henner‘s use of Google earth satellite images. Then there are tales of controversial artists using other people’s Instagram pictures to sell in their gallery. I seem to remember a famous artist using SnapChat as a medium but when I searched google I couldn’t find it. More people are using their phones as cameras and getting instagram famous. Also, I expect you can find YouTube,Vine,and Twitter artists.

You cannot think of recent developments in illustration & photography without mentioning Photoshop which has all but replaced the darkroom for most photographers.

Developments in digital technology hardware has also affected the way art is displayed. Quite often you get flat screens in art galleries instead of printed works.

Other hardware such as pressure sensitive pens/tablets make it easier for artists to work direct into a digital medium, I suspect more artists in the future will be making use of virtual reality with 3D gesture interfaces and lets not forget the endless possibilities of 3D printing.

As science moves forward there are always new building materials being created which would have an impact on architecture. Its not just bricks and mortar anymore.


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