Research links

One of the first tasks in the course notes is to seek out a useful list of research links & materials to keep referring back to throughout the course. Here’s the links I’ve found so far…

Interesting weareoca article – ‘so what is research’?

The OCA link to the vimeo videos for the 18 episodes of Art of the Western World.
Or the first one actually on vimeo:
Todo: would be useful to find a vimeo downloader so I can watch them offline on the way to Dorset.

There’s also a few vids to watch on the resources page of the course:

Online image library links all listed here:

Online galleries list (including books to download etc)

Other art history resources list to go through:

Module reading list:

Guide to the Harvard reference system:
(I’ve downloaded the PDF now)

Useful looking study guides

Really interesting study guide on keeping sketchbooks. As a photographer I’ve not kept a sketch book for 20 years (since art A level). Much of this course is exploring other people’s art so it might be a good time to find some pencils from the loft?

Study visit diary (although only two in London are in Jan :-/)


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